Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Chicken

We've been sick! My family wasn't able to come down this year due to our illness, which made me so sad. I didnt defrost the turkey because:

a) I kept forgetting 
b) It was kinda too late once I really remembered  
c) I felt like a run-over frog

SOOOOOO... we had a Thanksgiving chicken! Yum!

I also made hash brown casserole, dinner rolls, and peach 'n blackberry crunch. The purple hull peas didn't get done in time for our 6pm dinner. They are still simmering now.... at 9 pm.

I gave Rhett and Daniel a haircut today. Rhett hates haircuts in practice but always begs me for one in theory!
Rhett: Mama, haircut?
Me: You just had one yesterday.
Rhett: Mama, I neeeeeed a haircut.
Me:Okay, let's do a haircut.
(5minutes later)

Okay. He doesnt really call for the police. But he did offer to potty on the toilet in exchange for no haircut. Sadly, try as he might, he was unable to deliver on that promise, so now his scalp is spic 'n span. I hadn't cut his hair since September!

We went to Walmart today and bought DG a pre-Black Friday sale iPhone. It was kinda scary in there. There were piles of merchandise everywhere and some strangely rude people. Rhett picked out a hotwheels while we waited on DG to get the phone. He also picked out bananas but I accidentally left them in the bicycle section where we were trying out all the bikes. Well, all the training-wheel bikes.

He tried on my OLD OLD cut-off raggy PJ shourts the other day. I have decided to lose weight after Vivi gets here. Those things are tight on me. He's skinny as a rail and over three feet tall, it's true, but those looked so huge on him.

Rhett doesn't like to finish his meals. Too bad that's a new rule at our house. He really needs to eats better.

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