Monday, November 24, 2014

Fish Freedom Day

I'm sitting and eating oatmeal, waiting on the Ferguson results, reading a Loius L'amoire novel. I'm not really into the Ferguson results all that much, but I want my parents to come down for Thanksgiving. Local news agencies are reporting that Memphis is gearing up for riots if no indictment is handed down. My parents have to drive through Memphis to get to my house, or add two hours to their trip. Tic toc. Tic toc. How long until they hand down the verdict?

Today was Fish Freedom Day for my goldfish. I set him free in Alan's duck pond. Now we can get rid of the tank and prepare for Vivi's birth!

The ummm.. tropical fish didn't make it. Confusing since I poured them so gently into the pond.

Rhett played with his cousins, Owen and Luke, today! Those three were so wild! Nanny and I feel sorry for the next batch of cousins. Maeson will totally be ganged up on by Avalynn and Vivian.

Yup. Luke is four and Rhett is two. Note the nonexistent height difference.

Daniel came home sick today. He has Rhett and I's cold plus a sore throat and general yuckiness. He's sleeping after having taken some Nyquil right now. He just worked a double and is headed in again. Thankfully, he has Tuesday and Wednesday night off.

This is good oatmeal!

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