Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Cousin Photos!

 Lisa, Amber, and I got the cousins together for some portraits this morning!

Rhett turned three in August. He still likes tractors but his days are filed up with imaginary play with his imaginary friend, BB. BB is a girl. Sometimes she looks like my sister, Kyleen, and sometimes she is multicolored. She drives a helicopter behind our car whenever we drive anywhere. Rhett politely speaks on her behalf and she conveniently wants everything that Rhett wants. He also kindly eats her cookies for her!

Vivian is eleven months. She just began taking a few steps on her own. She loves anything and everything that has to do with her brother!

We have moved and gotten a puppy. I broke my shoulder and my wonderful mother-in-love took care of Rhett and Vivi for a couple weeks!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

So much has changed!

It's tough to believe that the last time I blogged, my little girl was six months old. She turned eight months today and so much has happened since I last uploaded anything regarding our life.

When I last blogged, my new nephew was just a few days old. His mama has asked us not to display any pictures of him, so cry with me at your loss. He really is the most adorable little baby boy!

When I last blogged, my son was two. He's a year older now and he can feel the pull of the crazy fourth year of life, I think. I know this is a big year for him, full of so much physical growth and emotional maturing. He told me yesterday that he is grown up now and didn't need the railing on his bed anymore. Furthermore, when he woke up in the morning, he was going to get a cup of coffee.

Rhett enjoys late night Cheerios "way up high in my bucket truck basket".

When I last blogged, my sister was tucked away at college, so far away from us. She transferred to the university that I graduated from and will be staying with us at least until the new year, and probably until she graduates. She's dating the junior high youth minister at our church and I'm sure that had NOOOOOOTHING to do with her decision to transfer. (Actually, she worked really hard to make sure this was God's plan for her even though she wanted to be nearer to him. I'm thankful that God gave her peace in the decision to move down here.)

When I last blogged, Vivian was immobile. She now crawls, pulls up on everything, and is beginning to "cruise". She eats everything in sight and is trying to wean herself. Last night she ate a quater of a roma tomato, a serving spoon scoop of macaroni and cheese, a quarter of a hot-dog, and two serving spoon scoops of corn; then she drank 12 oz of Similac.

We are buying a new house just four doors down from my in-laws. We were supposed to close on the house in two days but the date was extended because of the labor day  holiday.

Vivian has chicken pox and is headed to the doctor tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from our life lately!

Daddy's girl

Rhett and my sister in a school bus!

Liam and Vivi

My dad , Rhett, and Vivian

Rhett on the beach, Gulf Shores AL

Rhett on his third birthday, Gulf Shores AL


Vivi and I, Gulf Shores AL

Friday, July 10, 2015

A day in the life of a stay home mom!

I woke up at 6 AM to put the dog out on her chain, then I came back in and went back to bed.
DG let her back in before he left for work and she went to sleep on the bed. (Bad Chiweenie.)
She woke me up at 8:30. 
I immediately instagrammed it. 

I heard the kids chattering. Rhett was making tractor motor noises and Vivi was jabbering on her made up language that only she and God speak. I changed her with some help from Dobby. 

Rhett was busy trying to get his RC Gator to work. 

Meanwhile, Dobby eyed me knowing she wasn't allowed on the bed. 

I fed Rhett breakfast and drank some skim milk while I fed Vivian. 

I changed Vivi and turned on some Fireman Sam for Rhett. 

I put Vivi in her walker while I did some chores. 
I called our insurance and our wellness screening forms STILL hadn't been faxed in. It was a long wait on the phone.
I figured out that I might need to take care of this myself... so we packed up and headed for Jackson!
(After a few selfies and clothes for everyone.)

We headed to Fred's first to pick up my gallbladder-clearing prescription. Rhett wanted to go to the "party over there with all the smoke".

Then we drove to Jackson. The office was closed so we headed to Target. A super long time ago... like April... Nikki Boatwright bought bought some diapers for her daughter and left them at our house on accident. I kept forgetting to return them and finally her little girl outgrew them. So, we bought some replacement diapers at Target. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target brand diapers!)

Then we headed out for BK nuggets. We swung by the clinic, figured everything out, and popped back into the car. I wanted to hit up a McDonald's Playplace and get a Coke but was too lazy to cross traffic. (Hehehe...) So we stopped at the Southside park instead.

We headed back to Bolivar and dropped off the diapers. We visited DG at work...

Then we headed to Nanny and Papa's for cokes and conversation!

Then we headed to Lisa and Jimmy's and I dropped the kids off and went to weed a client's flower bed and pool area.

Those weeds were so high!

I worked until dark and then brought the kids home and put them to bed, took a shower, and worked on this blog post until DG got home around 11.

I'm so into Matt Kearney right now! Check him out!