Friday, November 28, 2014

Surprise Birthday Visit!

My parents surprised me and came to see me today! They brought gifts and made a cake and supper as well!

Ky and Rhett played Batman and Superman, their traditional game, and played outside for quite awhile with my dad.

They pretended to mow the lawn and Rhett rode on his four-wheeler, which needs charging.

Why won't it go!?!

Rhett reaching for an imaginary key. Rhett and I exchange invisible keys all day long!

Granddad hunched against the wind, holding the Batman cape. He was wearing it Rhett used it as a Kleenex.

My parents gave me some adorable ceramic measuring cups and an English candle in baking scent! My sister bought me a headband from Francesca's and some adorable slip-on Crocs!

My mom gave me a cute tea towel!

Sadly, they could only stay for five hours. 

Ky and I got to have some sister-time when we made a run for toilet paper, salad, and candy. We shared some super embarrassing stories. She is hilarious, and I like her new shortish haircut!

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