Friday, January 30, 2015

Vivi is One Month Old!

Okay! She survived a month in our crazy house!

Somebody help me.

She is currently blissfully napping in her swing, which is in her playpen (or play-yard or Pack N Play or whatever is politically-correct these days...), which not only provides her with stellar protection from her Big Brother and his Dump Truck - it also serves to make it look like I didn't just throw her and her swing any-old-where in our house... unlike every other object we own. She has a spot and I keep her there.

I will not misplace the baby. I will not misplace the baby.

Here she is making the crackers and crumbs that Rhett was hauling around look amazing!

I switched her to Similac today. Lately, she's been getting hives on her face and puking up her entire dinner right after she eats her Enfamil. Sometimes it's all over me... sometimes it's projectile. She likes to mix it up... keep me guessing... Rhett did the same thing. (Not keep me guessing... but he did develop hives and reflux at one month causing us to switch to Similac. He also had to have rice cereal or starch in his formula, so Viv might as well. We will see.)

Rhett is peepee trained! He won't poop in the toilet, but he also won't relieve himself in the floor. He's all: pee in the potty, defecate in the diaper.... well... pull-up... but I wanted to use *ALLITERATION*.

His cousin got a potty recently. Jimmy says it will be sad if she is potty-trained before Rhett. I agree. It's on like Donkey Kong, Amber! (BTW- you're totally gonna win. He will poop in the potty when he is good and ready and not a second earlier.)

Look at her! Blaise is all: I and my dollie love the potty and we plan to be trained ASAP.

Rhett actually asked me earlier if he could stop wearing pullups to bed and wear undies. He promised not to pee. I'm going to buy a plastic bed cover and give it run at naptime, but I'm skeptical, to say the least. However, despite all the effort I've put in, every iota of his potty-training has been self-led. 

I mean literally... this is how he it all went down: after months and months of begging, pleading, ordering, and bribing, I gave up. Then one day, he just stopped going in his underwear. He took himself to the potty, peed, flushed, and strode into the living room to remind me that I promised him Skittles should this eventuality occur. It's gone this way ever since. So maybe he will stay dry at naptime just because he decided  to. Wow, that sounds lame... and hopeful.

Earlier today I noticed he hadn't gone in awhile so I asked if he needed to go. He said, "Oh yeah!" and went to the toilet and peed FOREVER. Then he drove his dump truck around to collect his candy. I figure we will keep the candy thing up until we run out of Skittles or he gets a cavity. Possibly longer. I'm scared to mess with the mojo here.

Daniel got first shift! Starting in March, he will no longer be working nights! I'm super stoked! Can you tell! Yay!

I got nothing else. While writing this I have:

  1. changed Rhett's messy pull-up 
  2. yelled out the door to DG to get me a Coke while he runs the trash to the dump only to turn around and find my two-year-old-who-was-supposed-to-be-napping standing three feet away and telling me, 'Yes please, I want a Coke."
  3. cleaned up the crackers
  4. cleaned up the entire floor in the major living areas in the house
  5. sanitized bottles
  6. fed Vivian
  7. discussed Roman Catholicism with DG
  8. fed and watered the dog
Okay Bye.

And she is thrilled about it....

Also, I have a tab open right now that says How To Make Money Selling Your Breast Milk. I think I might have just missed out on a lucrative opportunity.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Weeks In!

We've made it three weeks!

Day One at home, I was panicking! I didn't know how we would make it! This was due so much to the crazy amount of hormones swirling around in my system and the sleep deprivation. With Rhett, we stayed in the hospital for three days but with Vivi we were released 24 hours after her birth! The doctor offered to release me 12 hours afterwards, but we had to wait on Vivi's PKU test. She was born December 30th at 8PM and we were home December 31st at 10PM. So the next morning, our first full day at home, I was a little crazy. Like alotta crazy, actually. I spent the day in tears, scared because my mom was thinking I needed some space and was heading home. (She didn't leave, by the way. It all worked out.) I was a total basket case.

Day Two through... I don't know.... whenever I stopped nursing... was rough. Nursing always messes with my emotions. I'm not a logical, rational human being while lactating.

DG: Where do we keep the paper towels, babe?

Me In My Heart: Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Oh my, though... I LOVE PAPER TOWELS! Oh, I'm just so glad I bought them. I mean, (gasp), what if I hadn't bought them?!? Oh no! This whole situation would have gone down so VERY differently. I'm so going to forget paper towels in the future. I'll have to use a real towel to clean up spills! The laundry is going to pile up. I cant do this. I CAN'T DO THIS. I have to do this. What have I done?!? Everyone is going to see I cant do this. DG will be so disappointed. WHAT WILL WE WEAR if the laundry gets piled up? At least we don't have the cat anymore! That thing was spreading litter all over the laundry area. OH MY GOODNESS, MY BABY KITTEN, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I -

DG: Babe? You're kinda spacing out on me. Those are crazy-eyes....

Me Outwardly: (Sniffling) The p-p-p-p-paper towels are in the pantry.

DG: Umm...are you okay?

Me Outwardly:...I'm not sure.

So, thankfully, I stopped nursing. I have guilt over this but I really cannot handle the kind of anxiety I have when I breastfeed.

DG went back to works the same week my mom left, the second week. Now we are at the end of the third week!


Go us!

I've noticed my parental worry is a little different this time around.

With Rhett, I was terrified to shower or take my eyes off of him for a second in fear that his little head would flop to the side or he would wake up and feel abandoned. I would literally have to get out of the shower and check on him and most of time I decided the world didn't need a version of me with shaved legs because that would take up a lot of time and I just really needed to get out and just....KEEP WATCH.

Now my in-shower fear is more like: What if she wakes up and Rhett decides to share his orange juice with her? Great, it would take so long to get all the sticky off the playpen. Oh my goodness, his movie is going so quickly. How has time flown by so fast?!? Did he fast forward? I literally just put that in. What time is it? What in the world, how did it get so late?!? ... etc

I've lost half my pregnancy weight! Still wearing maternity clothes. Hey, it's only three weeks out though, right?!

Sunday, January 11, 2015