Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Quarter Of A Century

It was my birthday today!

I mainly lazed around and played with Rhett, but went over to Lisa's for supper in the evening.

Nanny and Papa were there! There was a personalized cake. There was grilled fish. Balloons! Cash! I was super surprised! It was amazing!

Lisa and Jimmy gave me $40 even though they had already given me a gift for my birthday. They bought Rhett a wonderful, super-thick OshKosh winter coat, which is all I wanted for my birthday! He is so snug in it and I love it to death!

Nanny and Papa gave me spending money as well which was so nice of them!

I didn't deserve any of this and it was so wonderful! Thanks everyone!

Ohhhh! My first personalized store-bought cake!

Rhett loves my balloons more than I do!

Ready for the sweet tea!

Nanny brought her famous potato salad!

Jimmy grilled tilapia! He wouldn't allow himself to be photographed.

He was so sick tonight but he still got up and celebrated with me. Plus, he went it to work. That's a hot husband!


You can see where he gets all his sexiness from.

Papa felt sick too. Thank you for coming, Papa!

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