Monday, November 24, 2014

Down For the Night

Rhett took a four-hour nap today, thanks to Benedryl! He woke up feeling better than before, but still pretty bad. I think we are headed to the doctor tomorrow.

 My mom pointed out that he gets sick fairly often, which is so true! We think it might be his diet... or lack of one. It's difficult to get him to eat anything. Maybe a few bites a day, but that is all. Seriously, he ate for the first time today at 4pm. He consumed one half of a piece of lunch meat and only did so because he wasn't allowed to watch Monsters INC. until the piece was finished.  He wouldn't finish the meat so he took that nap instead. (He later tried to be helpful by removing the movie from the xbox and putting it away. Sadly... In the process, he broke the DVD in half. Goodbye, Monsters.) For supper, I fed him half a baked chicken breast and green peas. It took quite awhile and two spankings (for spitting out the peas deliberately, in a testing, defiant way) but he actually consumed a plate of food! Now, on to the rest of his meals for the rest of his childhood.

He took a bubble bath and I think it really helped him feel less sick. He was smiling and coughing and threatening to pee in the water. He always has a great attitude even when he's sick.

He was pouring the cups over his bracelets and thanking himself.

I just put him back to bed after giving him more Delsym and Benedryl. Hopefully, a solid night's rest will help him improve.

"Take a picture of the cup, Mama!"

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