Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rhett Has A Cold/ I'm Pretty Sure Vivi Is Trying to Bust Out

I thought Rhett was developing allergies from the unseasonably cold weather these last couple weeks, but as it's gradually worsened, I've come to believe that it's a true cold. I hate that! I can treat allergies, but he has to suffer through a cold. He's having a lot of trouble napping and sleeps fitfully at night. He had his last immunization until he's four years old a few days ago. I think it's making him feel worse during his cold.

Another clue that it's a cold and not allergies? I have it as well.

It's so tough to sleep at night with heartburn and painful third trimester hips. Now I can't breathe through my nose either.

Not that I'm complaining! I love every moment, even the discomforts, of being pregnant! I just think I'm starting my new parent zombie-hood a little earlier than I expected.

I'm 34 weeks! Only three more weeks to full term. I'm in shock.

I'm carrying Vivian so low! I've been having Braxton Hicks on and off for awhile now. Nothing too serious since the first case of BH. My first little bit of "false labor" was pretty scary and convincing!

I have an ultrasound on December 2nd! Secretly hoping for surprise twins.

Maybe once Vivi gets here, I will feel motivated and energetic enough to actually clean the hall mirror.

My parents are coming down for Thanksgiving! My sister might be coming a day early! I'm hoping she can stay several days, but she's busy and has friends, obligations, cool stuff. She leading a team to hike across Spain again this summer. 

DG and are still working on our mission application to move to SE Asia through the IMB. There's so much to be done! I shouldnt be blogging! I should be writing my autobiography. BTW - What do you put in those? There's about 30 questions they list that need to be answered but still... I'm blank when it comes to my own history apparently! It needs to be 6-10 pages. I'm not interesting enough to fill that!  I'm going to have to make something up. Skydiving: Why I chose it and how it was formative to the sixth year of my life.

We got almost all of our Christmas shopping done last week. Rhett only wanted to look at the tools, ride the bus, and go "inside the cool planet" (Gymboree). IDK. But DG made him behave and as a reward he was allowed to walk around the kid's clothing store once! It's so easy being Rhett's parent! I'm so serious. I'm going to pay for how amazing he is. I have a feeling that Vivi is going to be such a spitfire!

Here is Rhett and DG in the bus: 

It's just too easy to please that kid.

We had our Thanksgiving Offering at church today and raised enough money to pay off the Activities Building! Plus pay off the land bought for extension of the campus/parking! I cannot believe it! We burned the note on the building during the Thanksgiving feast this evening. So much fun!

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