Friday, May 8, 2015

Oral Hygiene Is Easily Forgotten

   Well it's 9:30PM and the kids are both asleep in bed! I know I should be using this time to crash and fall asleep myself, but I've been dying to blog.

    I just realized that I forgot to brush Rhett's teeth.

   Oh well, too late now.

   I'm all caffeinated from my watered-down coffee that I had earlier today. By earlier today, I mean 8AM. By watered-down I mean 1/4 coffee and 3/4 water. Seriously, my kidneys... not exemplary at their job. On the other hand, if I had consumed more than a max of 16 oz of liquid for the rest of the day, maybe the coffee wouldn't still be in my system. Oh wait! The sweet tea was caffeinated! That explains alot.

    Let's see here...
       News Updates:

   Jimmy bought a new rent house and DG and I will get part of the rent since he will maintain it if we choose to buy in. 

What a crazy blessing! We got to tour it the other day.

She toured in style. 

   I visited my friend Lauren and had alot of fun hanging out with her seven-month-old- son, Liam. He and Vivi are dating. I left Rhett at home with his Daddy. I will never do that again! We missed each other too much. He had some serious separation anxiety for a few days. It breaks my heart.

  Ky watches the happy couple. 

   Vivi is moving up a diaper size. The Size Two diapers are a little tight but we are mainly moving up because she is having some serious leaks. She pees once and the diaper is puffed out and dripping.

    Lauren had this happen with Liam and had to move up to Size Three. It also seems to be the consensus online that leakage = moving up a size. She is in cloth most of the time but when she isn't, it's a mess. Don't even talk to me about naps or overnight either!

   After a week and a half of various experiments in brand and size resulting in her waking up soaked to her hairline in pee, I was ready to throw in the towel.. literally... into the washing machine 'cuz I was running out of towels.She even peed through a double-stuffed KawaiiBaby diaper. That means nothing to most people, I know. But still. It's crazy.

   Result? Nothing but Size Three Pampers Swaddlers holds her. 

   I took her four-month pictures!

   I love this silly shot of them:

   Today she stood on the couch without leaning her back on anything! Four months! That's messed up!

Am I the only one freaking out?!?

   Viv is 16 lb and 25 inches! Her four-month check-up went great. She didn't mind the shots at all but she HATED the rotavirus oral vaccine.

Trust me: this is a pre-oral-vaccine face. She was not bubbly after fighting the nurse and letting the vaccine sit in her mouth for a few minutes then finally giving in. She was so ANGRY after she finally swallowed. It was pretty comical to me.

   Rhett's growing like a weed!

   Oh yeah! He's definitely potty-trained.

Rhett on his Grumpy's four-wheeler, wearing a toolbelt and a TMNT shirt. As he told me that afternoon, he is "big man, a really big man who's gotta work hard."

   We find out June 3rd if we are moving forward in our interview process for moving overseas!

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