Thursday, March 12, 2015

I think Rhett is potty trained.

Well, I should be cleaning the house! Rhett is watching Robin Hood for the millionth time! I'm getting to a point where I can mouth the dialogue along with the movie. Vivi is napping. Still no two month photos. It's been so cloudy! Rhett, Vivi, and I ate out with one of my best friends, Cady, today! It was so much fun!

Rhett enjoyed watching the military special on the flatscreen at the restaurant and playing with Cady's brother's Star Wars action figures... and drinking Coke. However, he didn't wet his pants! Yay! We ate lunch with Nanny and Papa, spent an hour and a half at the restaurant, and went shopping at Wal-mart. Completely dry - no accidents.

Actually, we never really have accidents anymore! Occasionally we have a leak at Grammie's house but very little. The only problem we have is an occasional failure to ummmm... aim, causing his pants and the surrounding area to suffer the consequences. Oh yeah- he will go #2 in the toilet now.

So, potty trained officially.... Maybe. 

My parents came down last week! It was fun!

Here are some pictures. 

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