Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015: A Boring Title

   I had an amazing relaxing day yesterday! After service, Lisa, Jimmy, Rhett, Vivi, and I ate at Lisa's. Afterwards, everyone napped except for Vivster and I. We entertained ourselves at the train table.

    I hate indirect bragging. You know, someone posts a picture of their six-month-old doing a headstand and captions it, "Look at those beautiful baby blue eyes!" It gets to me everytime.

   However, I was completely guilty of it yesterday. Vivian was standing (STANDING!!!) at the train table, holding her balance without wobbling or my touching her for 1/2 hour while playing with the toys on the table. I snapped several videos and pictures and posted them online under such innocuous titles like FIRST TIME AT THE TRAIN TABLE! and SHE LOVES PLAYING WITH HER BROTHER'S TOYS! but what I was really saying was, IS SHE SERIOUS? AM THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS?! SHE. IS. SO .AWESOME.

So I feel guilt, but not that much guilt.

It's like this: I really never mind people bragging on their kids because I cannot help but brag on mine! I really appreciate it when they are straight about it though. Why should it bother me? It's such an irrational pet peeve.

The brags in question:

After naps, we headed to DG's grandparents' house for KFC and good conversation. 

Rhett had so much fun playing with Nanny's new garden dumping wagon. 

He cut his toe up on some metal roofing material that Papa had stuck under a gate to keep his Labrador from digging under the fence. It sliced his largest toenail in half and deeply diced into his toe twice on top and (weirdly) once below. I was beginning to 5% worry about stitches because we couldn't seem to stop the bleeding. However, DG was finally able to wash it in the tub and bind it. I'm waiting on a callback from his pediatrician today to see if he needs to come in for a tetanus booster. He is up to date on his tetanus shots so I'm not sure if he will need one. He doesn't seem to be in a hurry to contact me so I'm sure Rhett is fine.

I fell asleep around 10 last night which was amazing. Vivi woke up at midnight, (first time since she was six weeks old) and cried. She had rolled onto her belly. She fell right back asleep although I woke her up and fed her a bottle for good measure.

That was my Mother's Day!

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