Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's A Growth Spurt!


The kids must be growing! Rhett has been eating so well lately! And Vivian is upping her food game as well, which it saying something because Vivian is already a voracious eater.

This morning, Rhett popped out of bed and dramatically asked me if it was breakfast time yet. Meanwhile, Vivian went from fussing to hollering. I poured him so Fruit Loops and he started eating while I made her a bottle. Then he started yelling for some juice. As I delivered the juice, he asked for more cereal. He had already wolfed down the first bowl! So I poured him some more while Vivi screamed for her food.

She absolutely guzzled the bottle as I gave it to her, then practically inhaled a jar of peaches while Rhett played hotwheels. By the time she finished, Rhett was asking for a snack! So I put her down to play cars while he ate two fruit packs. Then she started screaming for another bottle!  


 After I finished feeding her, both Rhett and she lazed around. He played Pretend I'm Sleeping In My Pink Cover and lazed around on the sofa while she napped for almost four hours! I really think they are growing.

Rhett has eaten a hot dog, a bowl of soup crackers, and a bowl of cheese-its since then.

And it's only 1:10.

I'm telling you: it's crazy.

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