Sunday, May 17, 2015


   Isn't this weather absolutely gorgeous?! 

At least in between freak rainstorms...

Don't ya just hate it when you've been going all day and stop for one measly second then BOOM! you're asleep.

   DG and I bought this for my brother for his 19th birthday! I wanted to pre-read it but I kept it all crisp and nice and new for him.

  I recently bought a new carrier. It is the ROAM, Infantino's version of the ErgoBaby Carrier. It is releasing today (May 17, 2015) and will be on my doorstep by Tuesday 8PM! It was a little pricey for me at $50 but MUCH less expensive than the actual Ergo.

   The ROAM:

    The Actual ErgoBaby:

    I almost bought Infantino's version of the TULA/Boba Carrier but it didn't look as comfy, plus my sister-in-law has a TULA and my MIL thinks it is uncomfortable.Of course, she was front-carrying an almost-two-year old.

    The TULA:

    The Boba:

    Infantino's version:

That baby is staring daggers at his mother. 

    While in my search for carriers, I noticed that this guy apparently does some modeling for different baby carrier companies. 

   I glanced at several company's web pages looking for him but didn't see any others... (it's just so weird - he seems like an unlikely choice) and how am I really going to look it up. I can't exactly google Bearded Tat-Guy Who Wears Babies. Well... I guess I could.

   Here are my results.. I'm a little concerned about that last one:


   My sister and mom came down. I was so glad to see them!

    My mom gave Viv a Crinkly-Squeaker Book. She is so obsessed!

    HAHA! Here was my "crazy" hip hairstyle for church this morning!


    See? I told you. That hair is gross.

   Rhett's toe is healing and tetanus-free!


  1. This is why I need a toddler Tula!!
    And also why mom needs to learn to back carry...much more comfy when you're hauling a toddler.
    Let me know how you like the ROAM! When I see you next we'll have to compare.

    1. Yes! We will!

      And yes, I wonder why she doesn't back-carry?

      I have nothing to compare my FauxErgo to except my lumbar-support-free newborn carrier, the Unison. (Okay, it has lumbar-support, but it's purposely placed higher and pulls all her weight across the two vertebrae in my back in between which I've had my two epidurals). I'll have to let you try the FauxErgo next time we see each other and see how you feel it compares to the standard TULA.