Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A bunch of pictures!

I feel like when you write a blog post, you are supposed to have a coherent theme. I have zilch coherent theme. Here's a bunch of pictures. Ohhhh, that can be my coherent theme!

Lady Card Shark

My friend calls this her poker face.

My happy little girl

She started a new special formula yesterday and it's been scary how well she has done. She hasn't even needed to burp after several feedings, she slept like a rock last night, and her skin is scary clear. No fussing or wiggling or spit-up. I'm freaking out.

Don't let her face fool you. She loves it.  

Lisa asked him to smile. 

We tried the MeiTai again but didn't like it. Maybe when she is older. 

Happy girl in her K'tan. 

The mower Rhett built. The two red Legos are the seat. The yellow and orange nearest us are the blades. And then there's the handy windshield. 

Now it's an air crane. He learned about them yesterday. They are super-powered helicopters with jet engines used to lift massive objects to the top of skyscrapers and other large or wide buildings. 

Legit air cranes, in case anyone is wondering. 

Today's hairstyle and me... And my thumb. I liked the picture though. 

Okay. All done. 

Oh yeah...

Rhett is obsessed with watching videos of all the colors and shapes and various vehicles, etc in Russian. He's always asking to watch them. I'm like, "Okay, Buddy. It's going to be awkward if you learn Russian and I don't, but whatever floats your boat..." 
Or your лодка.
You get the picture. 

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