Monday, March 2, 2015

Vivi is Two Months! My Pox Shot!

We are picking up Nanny and heading out for my chicken pox shot in an hour!

Rhett is very excited about my shot. He's like,"You're getting a shot and I'M GOING TO WATCH YOU." All. Morning. Long. I told him that he is actually ahead of me in the game here: he has had his pox shot already. 

He super stoked sbout picking up Nanny as well. I can't keep count of how many times he asked if it's time to get Nanny yet. Four in the last hour and a gazillion before that.
We go get Nanny now?

I told him to look at the camera, so he squeezed his eyes closed. 


We picked up Nanny finally and went to Selmer but it turned out my appointment was with their Jackson South office.
We rushed there and they called me back almost immediately. I had to wait for an hour and a half in the exam room though!
The doctor even came back and said hello but didn't immunize me. Finally a nurse came in, vaccinated me, and we were able to leave.
Literally, called back at 2:40 and they popped the shot at 4. Nurses talked and laughed in the hallway. Nobody gave me my shot so could leave though.

The good news is that all this waiting gave Rhett time to earn a medical degree so I was able to speak to a doctor while I waited. He put my feet in the stirrups for a pre-shot leg exam. 

Then he gave me a shot. 

After my leg shot, we Facetimed DG, read a Bible story, and discussed giraffes. It turns out that Rhett is not only an amazing medical professional, he is also a Giraffe Expert. He was able impart some neat giraffe facts, one of which was fairly new to me.

That's not a giraffe, Mama. See the antlers? That's a giraffe-reindeer. 

A juvenile giraffe-reindeer. 

After my vaccination, Rhett received two superhero stickers and a sucker for being so brave and watching me get the shot. 

Then we headed to McD's for a Coke. Thankfully we didn't have any warrants out on us because we got into the drive-thru line right behind some bounty hunters. 

Now we are home and happy. 

Vivi is two months old! Tomorrow she gets her first shots. I called today and found out that Rhett isn't due for anymore until he is five! Yay! So only flu shots. Flu shots rock. 

I'm taking her two months pictures on the next sunny day! Yay!

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