Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vivi's 4D Ultrasound!

We were able to see Vivi today!

I was so nervous that I barely slept last night. I received an email stating my appointment had been cancelled last night after-hours. I was so sure that I wasnt going to see Vivian today that I could barely sleep. I wanted to call in to my OB ASAP in the morning to figure things out. I ended up only fitfully sleeping for four hours and finally napping an hour this morning. That's not too bad, but I feel very drained.

We did get to see her this morning though! It was just a computer error! After all that worry. I should have just trusted God.

Vivi is doing great! She measuring 38 weeks! That doesnt mean anything though. She's just my little chubmuffin! She is 6 and 1/2 lb at 35 weeks. The nurses told me she will be born at a minimum of 8 and 1/2 lb! She is head-down. (The doctor doing my cervical check later told me that she isnt as engaged, or essentially as low, as she could be.) She has a large amount of hair! It was even visible on the 2D ultrasound screen, fluffy and moving in the amniotic fluid. The tech pointed it out. She was asleep for the ultrasound and had her hand in front of her face. No Vivi! We spent a long time and finally woke her up enough to move her little hand. She stretched her mouth open at us.

Rhett was not impressed with the procedure and was very VERY relieved when I was all done. He was worried they were hurting me. He told the ultrasound tech that I WAS NOT having a baby. Nope. No baby.

Sadly for him, we have proof to the opposite, as shown below.


Her chubby cheeks and lips.


Sleeping with that fist on her forehead!

I like how you can see under her arm joint here and kinda see the side of her body.

That arm looks so awkward, but it's just the way that the sonogram cut through it to see her face. It's her right arm, up and resting on her forehead.

The sonogram cutting through her arm looked so strange, but all I care about are those kissable, kissable cheeks!

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