Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Emily Ann Garrett: Childcare

Age Range: Birth -5 years

Cost: $140 per child for five days per week, Monday through Saturday, 6am-4pm. Each hour past 4pm is $10. A sixth day may be added if needed at $10 per hour.

Childcare cannot be provided on Sunday.

Breakfast, lunch, and the afternoon snack are included.

Please provide diapers for un-pottytrained children.

We use ABEKA curriculum for our preschool studies, which is a  Christian-worldview based plan for coursework. Please read this introduction to ABEKA and this description of its Common Core alignment.

All media within our home is free of vulgarity, profanity, and sexual content.

All meal schedules are flexible and apply only to children within the correct age range and to children without conflicting food allergies.

We are insured to provide for your child's safety.

Weekday Schedule

6AM - 8AM: Playtime
8                   Breakfast (refer to schedule)
8:30              Reading
9                   Playtime (KLOVE Radio)
10                 Toddler Naptime, Playtime (KLOVE)
10:30            Toddler Naptime, Preschool (Social Studies, History, Science)
11                 Outside Playtime (weather permitting)
11:45            Preschool (Alphabet, Numbers/Math, Bible Verses)
12:15            Playtime
12;30            Lunch (refer to schedule)
1                   Playtime, Music appreciation
1:45             Coloring, discuss a current events news story
2                   Naptime
3                  Snacktime
3:15             Playtime
4                  EXPECTED PICKUP TIME
4:30             Movie/ Playtime
6                  Supper
7:30             Bedtime for my children, Rest time until picked up


Breakfast Schedule

Monday:          Toast with Jam- Milk
Tuesday:          Cereal, Milk
Wednesday:    Waffle Day!
Thursday:        Eggs and Biscuits, Milk
Friday:            Cereal, Milk
Saturday:        Pop-tarts!


Lunch Schedule

Monday:          Sweet Potato Macaroni and Cheese, Green Peas, Milk/Juice
Tuesday:          Peanut Butter Sandwich, White Popcorn (if age appropriate), Milk
Wednesday:    Cheese and Fruit, Carrots with Ranch, Milk/Juice
Thursday:        Hot Sandwich, Broccoli, Milk/Juice
Friday:            Rice, Beans Green Beans, Milk/Juice
Saturday:        Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Corn, Milk/Juice

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