Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Embarrassing Stories

I was on a mission trip to Iowa my freshmen year of college. A WHOLE lot of embarrassing stories could be told. Anyways, we were traveling along in a small bus, and I decided to walk to the front to stretch my legs. Sitting in the front row was a friend of mine, a guy who was an MK from Kenya. Actually, friend probably isnt the word I would use because most of time I didnt feel like he wanted to be around me, and since I was selfish and petty as all get-out, I wasnt acting too stoked around him either. Anyways, I was standing there when he hooked his finger through the back belt loop of my jeans and pulled me down onto his lap. I was kinda in shock. Mostly guys at UU didnt do that sort of thing and I definitely didnt expect it from his corner... cuz ya know he HATED me or whatever I thought. So I was like, "Hey." And he was like, "Hey." And... the entire 10-passenger bus-load of people were watching. And he said, "You shouldn't stand, it isnt safe." And I said, "Oh." And he said,"You have a bony butt." And I said, (FACEPALM) "So I've been told."

SO. I'VE. BEEN. TOLD. Like I just plant my bum on guys' laps all the time.

He looked at me like I was so weird, so I went back to my seat. In shame.

First time I ever sat on a guys lap: wrecked it.

Thankfully, I didnt sit on DG's lap until we were married and then he was stuck with me! MUHAHA! You got me, baby! Razor sharp femur and all!

See, if I always maintained that hand-position, he would have never known about my pokey behind.


While hiking across Spain last summer with her friends on a trip through her conservative Baptist university, she experienced her first Communal Shower. She and her friend were bathing when the girl told her that she didnt like her butt, it was too large. Kyleen told her that she liked larger butts on girls because curves are pretty. The girl said she agreed but she thought her butt was too flabby and she felt conscious of it. Kyleen told her that she too had once felt conscious of her own buttocks but now she does .... *butt exercises*. The girl was interested! What kind of butt exercises did Kyleen do? Kyleen was happy to tell her. So she described all the possible workouts a girl could do for a tight bum. Near the end of her narrative, her team leader, a guy, spoke through the window/vent in the wall from the shower across from hers, "We guys (in the team) can hear everything you two are saying!"


And Kyleen quipped back, "I hope you all are enjoying it!"

*She told her 50-year-old team leader and all the 20-something guys on the trip she hoped that they were enjoying standing around nude listening to her describe how to work her bum for max muscle tone.*

However, her leader nominated and highly recommended her to the university to lead a team across Spain this year. And she is going to do it! We think that he realized anyone that comfortable with their tushie's fitness routine, is comfortable enough to lead a bunch of young adult's on the most difficult trek of their lives!

Butt exercises?

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